Expertise & Workshop

Agenda Eksklusif Sdn Bhd


The ability of Agenda Eksklusif Sdn Bhd to maintain its position as the key-player in the industry since 2002 is mainly due to its diverse expertise and comprehensive facilities to execute the work of provision and maintenance.


Agenda Eksklusif Sdn Bhd owns 4 specialized workshops, equipped with comprehensive tools and maneuvered by experienced professionals. The workshops are:

MECHANICAL WORKSHOP - To repair engines and mechanical components especially the ships of Royal Malaysian Navy.

BOAT WORKSHOP - To fabricate and repair fiber boat, Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) and more.

BREATHING APPARATUS WORKSHOP - Specifically conducted for maintenance, testing and commissioning Emergency Life Support Apparatus, Air Breathing Apparatus, Anti-Gas Respirator Mask and Breathing Air Compressor.

FIRE EXTINGUISHER WORKSHOP - Particularly conducted for maintenance, testing and commissioning multiple categories of fire extinguisher.